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Kyauk Phyu SEZ, Myanmar

Kyauk Phyu SEZ, Myanmar


Kyauk-sezKyauk Phyu, in western Myanmar, is one of three Special Economic Zones (SEZs) earmarked for development by the Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar; the other two are Dawei in the south of the country and Thilawa (near Yangon).

The Kyauk Phyu Special Economic Zone (KP SEZ) will see the development of a deep sea port that will unlock the potential of the hinterland and fulfil Myanmar’s potential as a trade corridor for Africa/Middle East and China. It will provide employment opportunities through the creation of industrial and fishery parks as well as integrated residential areas. The development will be environmentally sustainable and bring significant socio-economic benefits to the Kyauk Phyu region and beyond.

Strategically located at the geographic centre of three economically vibrant and dynamic markets – China, India and ASEAN – Kyauk Phyu is uniquely positioned to serve as a trade corridor connecting these three economies.
Kyauk Phyu is well endowed with a natural deep sea harbour and abundant natural resources in oil and gas, marine resources as well as unique scenic landscapes. It also has sufficient land and ample labour for industrial development and the expansion of residential areas.
A Singapore-based consortium led by CPG Consultants has been assigned the development of the master plan for Kyauk Phyu Special Economic Zone (KP SEZ), in close cooperation with the Bid Evaluation and Awarding Committee of KP SEZ. The master plan forms the basis for a tender process of the Phase One development to take place in 2014.
CPG Consortium, comprising CPG Consultants Pte Ltd, DTZ Debenham Tie Leung (SEA) Pte Ltd (DTZ), Ernst & Young Solutions LLP (EY), Global Maritime and Port Services Pte Ltd (GMAPS), and PM Link Pte Ltd (PM Link), will oversee the master planning of the site. Their scope also includes providing consultancy for the market positioning of KP SEZ, marine and port studies, and financial planning. CPG Consortium will also be responsible for calling for a tender to seek the right investors to provide sustainable solutions for the economic zone until 2036.

The agreement was signed with the Kyauk Phyu Special Economic Zone Management Committee, and the consortium is working closely with the Bid Evaluation and Awarding Committee (BEAC), which represents the Myanmar government, on the tender and selection process, as well as the KP SEZ Working Committee, to drive the project. Local Rakhine and Kyauk Phyu communities will also be involved throughout the project.

Besides offering great proximity to these regional markets, the economic zone of Kyauk Phyu itself plays a vital role in creating access to Myanmar’s largely untapped hinterland with an overall population of more than 60 million inhabiting a land area twice the size of Vietnam. “We believe Kyauk Phyu has the necessary conditions for a thriving economy which will generate immense socio-economic benefits for Myanmar as a whole. We hope to attract a pool of international investors who will take a long-term view in its development potential,” said Mr Aung Kyaw Than, Joint Secretary, Bid Evaluation and Awarding Committee.

“The development will be environmentally sensitive, stimulating the economy while promoting job creation and income generation for the region of Kyauk Phyu and beyond. It will also boost the development of local industries with high growth potential, such as construction and fisheries,” said Mrs Nina Yang, Executive Director (Urban Planning) of CPG Consultants. She added: “With CPG’s expertise in urban planning and sustainability, and our role in laying the foundation for Singapore’s urban planning infrastructure, our master plan offers a similar Singapore development framework for KP SEZ to grow.” CPG Consortium Calls Phase One Tender for Kyauk Phyu Special Economic Zone CPG Consortium will invite interested firms to submit their Expressions of Interests in July 2014 for phase one of the economic zone which will include three key elements – development of a deep sea port, an industrial park, and an integrated residential area with education, healthcare, and recreational facilities. Open to investors and developers from all countries, successful parties will undertake the integrated responsibility of financing, providing infrastructure, marketing and leasing of the respective projects that they are awarded. The tender process will be conducted in two stages. In the first stage, parties can express their interest. Shortlisted companies will then be invited to submit their proposals in the second stage. The development of phase one is expected to start in 2015. More information on the tender process can be found on Key Aspects of the Development In addition to the development of a deep-sea port, an industrial park, and an integrated residential area, the Myanmar government is undertaking substantial infrastructure investments to upgrade the existing road network in KP SEZ. A new power plant and power lines are also under construction. KP SEZ will also be environmentally sustainable. The master plan foresees Environmental Impact Assessments to reduce the environmental impact. When fully developed, the KP SEZ will see the introduction of other industrial clusters such as food processing, a supply base, and general manufacturing industries. There will also be port and landbased logistics. About CPG Consortium CPG Consortium is led by CPG Consultants, a subsidiary of home-grown development consultancy firm CPG Corporation (CPG Corp), which offers a comprehensive suite of services ranging from urban planning, architecture to engineering, project management, construction management, and facilities management, with a holistic, integrative, and collaborative approach. Its partners in the consortium are DTZ, EY, GMAPS and PM Link, the latter also a subsidiary of CPG Corp specialising in project management.

CPG Consultants provide services in master planning, GMAPS is responsible for conducting marine and port studies, DTZ provides the market positioning for the residential area, and EY carries out the financial planning and tender process. PM Link will be in charge of the project management services of the consortium.

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