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Morant Bay/St. Thomas Parish Council, Jamaica

Morant Bay 02Morant Bay/St. Thomas Parish Council, Jamaica

Mr. Ludlow Mathison, Mayor
St. Thomas Parish Council
11 Church Street,
St. Thomas, Jamaica
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(876) 982-2227

Morant Bay 01St. Thomas is located in the south-eastern section of the island of Jamaica. There are 3 Development Areas, 56 communities and 193 districts across the parish as per SDC’s community Database. The Parish has an estimated population of ninety-three thousand nine hundred and two (93,902) persons occupying approximately thirty thousand four hundred and seventy three (30,473) dwellings. The average household size is 2.9 persons. In terms of the distribution of the population by gender, males accounted for 50.1% and females 49.9%
The Parish has a relatively youthful population. Approximately 54.7% of the parish’s population was 29 years or younge: children under 0-14 years accounted for 27% of the population, youths of 15 to 29 years accounted for 27.7%. The working-age population (15-64 years) accounted for 64.1%, reflecting the national distribution. The elderly, 65 years and over, accounted for 8.9%; this figure is lower than the national proportion of 11.1% reported by the Economic and Social Survey Jamaica (2010).
The Parish has a dependency ratio of 56 dependent persons per 100 working persons. The Age Dependency Ratio (ADR) captures the ratio of children and elderly dependents to the working age population. This ratio is identical to the national average of 56 dependent persons per 100 persons of working age (JSLC, 2009).
St. Thomas is heavily engaged in the agricultural sector and accounts for 5.2% of the 228,683 farms identified across the island from the 2007 Census of Agriculture. Over the years this sector has been affected by downturn in the main produce areas of sugar, banana and coconut. While there are now only a few large properties used for the production of coconut, sugarcane, bananas and coffee, small farming is quite predominant in the parish. Incidentally, St. Thomas also has the highest number of processing facilities per capita - with such processing mainly being with ackee and callaloo. Other economic activities, though at a smaller scale, are: manufacturing/agro-processing, commerce and mining