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Zagreb Free Zone


Jankomir 25, 10090 Zagreb, Croatia
Phone: +385 1 3871-118
Fax: +385 1 3496-452
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Zagreb photo 01Contact person, position:
Krunoslav Gašparić
Head of branch Robni terminali Zagreb 

Zagreb Free Zone was established in 1998 as a business unit of Robni Terminali Zagreb. Since 2007 Robni Terminali Zagreb has become a branch of Zagreb City Holding Ltd and is owned by the City of Zagreb.
Zagreb Free Zone is profitable, fully serviced and has an excellent location at the western entrance to the City of Zagreb, 12 km away from the Slovenian border. 

The product offered by the Free Zone is space for warehousing and production backed up by a wide range of services. Activities of the free zone include: production, processing, finishing and manufacturing of goods, sorting, repackaging, as well as mediation in international trade. Economic activities in the zone are subject to special conditions, such as tax benefits as well as a less complicated administrative operational procedure concerning customs inspection. Customs inspection is carried out by the customs office CU Zagreb I, situated at the free zone entrance. 

The Zone consists of 79.860 m² fenced site upon which there is a built area of 28.000 m² closed storage and production space which is fully operational and serving the purpose of activities performed by zone users. All the facilities are provided with the necessary infrastructure. There have been built 6 halls in the zone area; there is 6.000 m² available for further development within the zone area. There are preliminary plans to demolish and redevelop a warehousing old hall of 5.000 m². 

Zagreb Free Zone is an advantageous and the right place for capital investing, profit making and goods’ distribution and transit through zone. 

More reasons to invest in Zagreb Free Zone
• unique strategic location to access regional and international markets;
• highly developed infrastructure and telecomunications links;
• strong support services (customs, security, parking, forwarders, restaurant, coffee shops);
• banking, shopping and hotel facilities;
• excellent transport infrastructure connecting you to the rest of Europe (motorways, rail link, seaport, inland port, airport);
• maximum security and constant supervision 

The branch Robni terminali Zagreb manages rents and offers warehousing services. The activities are carried out in various types of the company’s own warehouses (closed and open - customs, non-tariff customs and free zone warehouses). It has more than 160.000 m² of production and warehousing space, as well as 40.000 m² of open warehousing space. It also has 30.000 m² of high quality office space for rent, with all the necessary infrastructure and machinery for handling goods.
The branch also performs forwarding services and offers parking services - operations of the freight terminal, and also has a concession for the performance of traffic terminal services. The customs office Zagreb is situated at the two different locations of the branch; they provide customs inspection and clearance in road and rail traffic.
With high level of practice standards and sixty years of experience, it is our primary, essential and clear commitment to ensure the satisfaction of business partners in providing the services of warehousing, loading and reloading of goods and forwarding activities, as well as increasing environmental awareness.
We are ISO 9001:2008 certified for the reception and storage of goods in domestic and international trade, free trade zones and freight forwarding.

Free Zone - production

RTZ-Building, offices

RTZ-Freight terminal

Free Zone - Hall 28