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Europe Business Assembly was proud to induct Solin into the Prime Business Destination programme. Solin was introduced at the London ' Achievements Forum' 21st April 2015.

Solin is a town in Dalmatia, Croatia. It is situated right northeast of Split, on the Adriatic Sea and the river Jadro.
Solin developed on the location of ancient city of Salona which was the capital of the Roman province of Dalmatia and the birthplace of Emperor Diocletian. After the arrival of Avars and Slavs in the 7th-century town was destroyed, and its refugees moved to settlement in and around Diocletian's palace, "Spalatum" (Split), turning it into a fortified town. In the Early Middle Ages Solin was part of the Croatian territory and played an important role in Medieval Croatian state, being one of capital cities.
In the 20th century intensive industrialisation process of the Split basin made Solin no more than a suburb of Split. Today, with its independent municipal status, Solin is part of the Split conurbation, well connected with other towns. Besides industry, a tourism is being developed lately based on numerous archaeological sites and Solin's distinctive image that comes from many urban parks along the Jadro.

At the London forum Mr. Blazenko Boban, mayor of Solin presented the city’s developments and investment opportunities. After this Solin was presented the Flag and certificate of investment attractiveness.

To symbolise future cooperation and promotion of city and regions investment potential memorandums were signed


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Solin- historical town for the future
The development strategy is parallel with the river basin and the urban part of the city, as well as public services, surround the archaeological site, which presents a huge development potential. These three points coincide with the urban environment.

Old Town as the Heart of New Town
Solin-4It is easy to see how the ancient city of Salona, destroyed in the 7th century AD., as well as the remains of buildings and churches of early Christian history, gradually became the heart of the new town of Solin. The city expanded around the walls of the devastated city. The people of Solin have always taken care of the extraordinary archaeological site, hoping it would become the backbone of future town development.
We are aware of our great potentials, and with a ten-year development plan, we are anticipating the development direction. Relying on natural and historical resources, we are also developing a modern city, respecting contemporary standards. But every accelerated development program requires flexibility and monitoring of potential investors.
Solin-5In the future, I see Solin as a prestigious tourist destination, source of ancient and early Christian history, ancient stage of culture and science, green island of Croatia and a safe and pleasant town for living.

Archaeological Park
Salona Cultural and Information Centre Project is worth HRK 18 million, and the complex is located in the area of approximately 10,000 m2.
It consists of reception, parking lot and five pavilions, each of which represents or stimulates a sense and a belvedere which offers you an unforgettable panorama.
This is an innovation in tourism, called T5O "tourism for five senses".
The center will be accessible to people with reduced mobility and disabled people. The passages in the Center will have tactile sensory boards so they can find their way through the pavilions more easily.
The project includes maximum use of energy saving and energy efficiency systems.
A new hotel is being built very close to Salona.

Tourist Infrastructure
Solin-6A few years ago the first 5* hotel, President, was opened. Another hotel is being built at the entrance of Salona.
In the mean time, the number of overnight stays is constantly increasing, which is a proof that our city has a good position on the map of tourist destinations in this area, and it received ITF Award in Lecce, Italy "for outstanding contribution to the development of cultural tourism in the Town of Solin."

Marina, Promenade and Beach at the Delta
We are planning to build a marina- sea port at the Jadro delta, in order to get an access to the sea. A popular Marble Beach will be restored, along with a promenade along the whole river Jadro.
Numerous supporting facilities would be present here too - a crane, stretching area, specialized shops, restaurants etc.

Licensing, Legalization
The documents regarding area planning are regularly modified according to laws, conditions and requirements on the field.
We are modifying the Zoning Plan and the General Urban Plan, in order to obtain the conditions for all the required documents, in accordance with the law.
Other plans of lower order are also being worked on.
The existing infrastructure is constantly being expanded and upgraded.

Economy and Investments


Development Zones
Area:18 km²
Inhabitants: 24.125

The development strategy is parallel with the river basin and the urban part of the city, as well as public services, surround the archaeological site, which presents a huge development potential. These three points coincide with the urban environment.

Solin – a Young and Safe Town

Solin is a member of the Safe Cities International, making our town safe for living, as confirmed by the 4th International Safe Cities Conference, where I was the first mayor in Croatia to sign SIDE Paper on Human Detection Video Surveillance.
By placing cameras on several squares and roads, we made our citizens and tourists feel safer in public areas.
Solin is the youngest city in Croatia with an average age of 35.6 years, and has the highest natural growth in Croatia.


Mayday Mayday Majdan is a revitalization project of an abandoned quarry into a functional community area (focused on children and youth). Recreation, education and culture are practiced in the area of the abandoned quarry.
The ideas include an adrenaline park, swimming pool, garden, all designed in the workshops of students and it is a logical follow-up of the Excursion Site Project for river Jadro.
Center for Children, Youth and Family was established after the town of Solin received the title of The Town of Family, and we are currently acquiring the status of a Child Friendly Town.