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Vladimir Trukhachev, Rector, Professor
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The Stavropol State Agrarian University is the Russia's leading center for education, science and culture, conducting training, research and consulting-methodical activity.
The University's mission: to expand the boundaries of knowledge and learning, to train graduates, professionals, improve the quality of life of the population of the South of Russia and contribute to the conservation and promotion of moral, cultural and scientific values of the society.
SSAU 02At the moment the University is training more than 18 500 students in 126 higher education programs, 417 programs of additional vocational training. The number of personnel is 1380, out of which 638 represent professor-teaching staff. 91.2% of the teachers have academic degrees and titles.
The University have 9 faculties, 48 chairs, 83 laboratories and centers of innovation, Research Library, Institute of Additional Professional Education, 44 small innovative enterprises, 4 dormitories, a fitness center, a horse-riding school, 3 greenhouses, 2 vivarium. The property complex of the University includes 121 immovable properties with the total area of 158.3 thousand square meters, 19 land plots with the total area of 9609.6 hectares as part of teaching and experimental farm, equipped with modern agricultural machinery.


Trukhachev Vladimir Ivanovich
Doctor of Science in Agriculture, Doctor of Science in Economics, professor; associate of Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences; Honored Scientist of Russian Federation; Honored Worker in higher professional education of Russian Federation; member of the international Academy of Agricultural Sciences; member of Russian Academy of natural sciences; member of International Academy of Higher Education; member of International Academy of scientific discovery and invention authors; member of International Academy of security and law order problems;; member of All-Russian Excellence Organization; member of the Slovak Academy of Agricultural Sciences; corresponding-member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
Vladimir Trukhachev was born on July 16, 1955 in Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo Region. In 1977 graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary of the Stavropol Agrarian Institute. He started his career as a veterinarian and then he gained his experience working in the sphere of administrative management of the region, industrial management and business administration in the agricultural branch, and in the sphere of teaching activity and professional training.
In 1991 – defended a dissertation with a conferral of a Ph.D. of Agricultural Science and in 1998 г. - with a conferral of a Doctor of Agricultural Sciences higher degree. In 1998 Mr. Trukhachev became a member of the Academy of Agricultural Education.
24.06.1999 г. – present time - was voted by a secret ballot of Stavropol State Agricultural Academy.
2002 г. – was awarded a professor rank of Farm Animal Feeding Department.

2002 г. – a member of International Academy of scientific discovery and invention authors.
2003 – Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.
2004 – Member of the International Academy of Higher Education
2006 – Member of the International Academy of Defense and Law-order affairs
2007–2014 - the corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences
2007-2011 - the deputy of the Stavropol Territory State Duma of the Fourth Convocation
2008 – present time – the chairman of the Stavropol Territory Rector Council
12.2011 - present time – the deputy of the Stavropol Territory State Duma of the Fifth Convocation
13.02.2013 - the corresponding member of the Slovak Academy of Agricultural Sciences
2014 – was awarded a corresponding-member rank of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
The field of expertise: agricultural science and veterinary, including biological and physiological features of fine-wool sheep and swine in connection with balanced ration; Management and economy, including inertness influence of cyclical dynamics trends on the course of post-crisis development of the agrarian economical sector of Russia and its regions.
The list of science works has over 800 science, teaching and guiding works, including more than 500 science works, 40 monographs, 84 scientific and guiding works. He has 46 patents for invention, 9 certificates of authorship of the State Commission of the Russian Federation in testing and guarding of selection achievements and 18 certificates about official registration of calculator programmes. He was the Academic Advisor of 35 Ph.D.-s and 7 doctors of sciences.