Achievements Forum–2016: Prime Business Destinations

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The forum is an informational platform for fresh thinking. It aims to update participants on investment in progressive regions, territories and businesses. This forum is aimed at investors, attractive territories and cities, free economic zones, successful businesses and companies, economic development agencies, regional infrastructure and finance professionals and experts.

'Prime Business Destinations' experts are selecting dynamic territories and promising companies, which provide high quality innovative products, services and technologies in main Prime Business Destinations categories, these include: city infrastructure, city life support systems, business and innovations. 'Prime Business Destinations' companies are recommended for international cooperation and are offering a range of specially designed promotional packages.

Participants have the chance to hear from top executives, heads of municipalities, senior state officials and investment experts from across the globe at various sessions throughout the day and share their ideas and experiences in a series of panel discussions, presentations and cases studies.

'Achievements Forum–2016' will be the 5-th 'Prime Business Destinations' forum. We are proud that all our investment forums have practical implementation and 52 regional investment projects are currently underway.