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Irina Shmal’ko, General Manager
32, Donskaya st., Moscow, Russian Federation
phone: +7 495 544 4040
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


“Telo’s Beauty” network of clinics is a recognized technology application leader in the field of aesthetic medicine and proprietary rejuvenation techniques.
Patients seek our help in combatting the signs of aging through application of the latest achievements in the world of science and cosmetic technologies.
We specialize exclusively in minimally invasive (non-surgical) procedures.
The underlying treatment principle in “Telo’s Beauty” clinics – a comprehensive rejuvenation and healing of the body. We share the idea of Eastern philosophy of wellness and good health, where complete control over the human body through the awareness becomes the basis of care.
At our disposal we have all of the most advanced and innovative equipment, as well as methodologies that are carefully chosen and are constantly reviewed on the guiding principle that calls for “the best in everything.” Distinguishing feature of the “Telo’s Beauty” clinics - a winning combination of high clinical professionalism in a contemporary, yet cozy and comfortable setting.


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