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Ruslanbek Khamdamov, Director General
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OPPS Stroy – is a construction company with innovative systems for the construction of a unique patented technology, using lightweight panels for seismic reinforcement. Minimum construction time are achieved by us, through the use of special equipment and technological lines for manufacturing panels of “O.P.P.S. “, and the using of special mounting hardware. The main operation in traditional construction used at the construction site , such as bricklaying , external and internal plastering , installation of window frames , door installation - are excluded , as all of the above operations are carried out on a special assembly stand. The estimate cost construction of buildings or dwelling houses of “OPPS” panels, on average 40% cheaper, compared to traditional construction methods.
Efficiency is achieved by:
Applications - production line, with consisting of 60% of the manufacturing operations.
- Saving building materials (With the exception of losses and cost of overruns materials on the object) .
- Raising the minimum human resources (Workers), the reduction of working man hours and salary.
Application of the special mounting hardware and technology significantly reduces all construction time.