Kyrgyzstan: Issykkul Lake Development Zone

Kyrgyzstan: Issyk Kul Lake Development Zone


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issyk-kup 01

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 Investment in Ecolife

The essential advantage:

  • Lake Issyk Kul and one of its kind environment round it.
  • Unique delicious taste of regional food products is enhanced by pure nature.
  • Unified green economy brand, which defines high competitive standards for business activities, quality and safety of goods.

Sustainable growth: 

state efficient policy to facilitate innovative cluster economic development strategies for 10 years. Effective interaction between state executive bodies, academics and regional business leaders.


Priority Industries of the Region:

  • Tourism;
  • Medical Tourism;
  • Green Agriculture and Organic Food Production;
  • Mining;
  • Construction materials production;
  • Navigation and marina;


Infrastructure development and renovation programme:

  • Construction and renovation of airports, rail roads and highways to provide a functional international hub;
  • Energy and Sustainable Power Supply
  • Water supply objects renovation. 


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