Jordan: Dead Sea Development Zone

Dead Sea Development Zone: Prime Business Destinations

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Jordan is a country with a great potential for development and investment. It is a welcoming nation and the gateway to a new world. However, Jordan has limited natural resources and is exploring new ways to expand in its water supply, distribution methods and links with outside energy sources. Thus, a successful economic policy for Jordan is attraction of all kinds of investment projects, especially in key sectors, from the one side, and the development of maximum favourable political and investment conditions to potential long-term business activities and partnership, from the other side. Direct foreign investment stimulates the development of the region. Investment opportunities of the Dead Sea Zone are mainly concentrated in the following business sectors: 

• Tourism and Hospitality;
• Medical Tourism, Wellness and Spa;
• Real Estate Development and Community Services;
• Recreational and Entertainment Facilities
• Environmental and Nature Preserve Projects; 

Located 55Km from the Jordanian capital Amman and on the shores of one of the most spectacular historical landscapes on Earth, the Dead Sea Development Area is a unique site presenting one-of-a-kind property development and investment opportunities. The area is approximately 40 km wide that varying from 9 km at the northern end to under 1 km along the western edge of the protected Wadi Mujib natural preserve, extended on the dramatic shoreline of the north and east coasts of the Dead Sea. It is bound by mountains and steep terrain to the east and the Jordan river valley to the north. The area enjoys good infrastructure, in addition to a major highway linking it to Amman, the capital of Jordan, and unsurpassed regional attractions. The area’s appeal is not only to international tourists seeking a cultural, historical, medical or recreational experience but also to Jordanians interested to make short visits to the area and take advantage of all their country has to offer. 

The Dead Sea area is an attractive investment location as a leading touristic attraction due to its rich and various history and marvelous landscapes. The Dead Sea eastern coast of Jordan is the lowest spot on Earth, located at 423 meters below sea level. The unique perpetually warm climate of the area and the quiet, sparsely populated land make for a bed of tranquility and the perfect environment to create a nirvana of healing and respite, echoing the natural restorative qualities unique to the Dead Sea area. The unusually salty, mineral-rich water and black mud, adjacent fresh water and thermal mineral springs attract visitors since ancient times. Health and wellness facilities of all kinds can flourish in the area and have been important for centuries, especially effective in the treatment of various diseases of the skin and joints. 

The dynamically developing infrastructure of hotels, resorts, treatment and rehabilitation centers, wellness and beauty services allow visitors from all over the world to stay and enjoy this unique region; its benefits and attractions. Hotels in the Dead Sea Development Zone have already capitalized on this, emphasizing the lucrative potential of an area so rich in natural healing resource. 

Investment in the Dead Sea area will see the most daring ideas, thoughts and fantasies matched with millennia of history and promise result in not just the growth of a personal business venture, but also in the rejuvenation of a region. This combination of factors leads to the fact, that the Dead Sea Zone has become A New Prime Business Destination.