Events - 2016

Expert focus investment session: Prime Business Destinations


Expert Focus Investment Session:



Ready to expand your business interests to dynamically developing Eastern European and Central Asian markets?

Discover market potential and perspectives on the spot. Check point: Ukraine


Venue:  Kharkiv, Ukraine


Date: April, 08, 2016


Accreditation Required


Only one day, on 8 April, 2016 under the aegis of ‘East-Ukrainian Academy of Business’ (EUAB), the headquarters of EBA in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, 'Prime Business Destinations' leading international experts will conduct one of its kind workshop sessions to introduce the investment programme and other EBA initiatives to the prominent academics and  pool of regional companies - leaders in such sectors as business and innovations; real estate development and construction; tourism and hospitality; education; healthcare and medicine, medical tourism.

The format of the function includes:


 - Presentations of investment projects and companies;  
 - Panel and round-table discussions to the target audience;  

 - B2B match making and networking; 

- Site visits; 

- Expert consulting; 

- Acknowledgement ceremony;


The zest of the workshop session will be the INVESTMENT & PARTNERSHIP MATCHMAKING facility for preliminary B2B discussions and cooperation agreements signing between foreign comapnies and institutions and Ukrianian leading companies and organisations.The memorandum signing on joint collaboration and investment projects realization between ‘EBA Global’ community members and regional leading companies is planned.

If Ukrainian, East European and / or Central Asian markets are already or can be intersting to you in the nearest future, the expert focus investment session is the effective marketing and networking solution to gain new business contacts with domestic business CEOs and decision makers and get acquainted with the market growth perspectives on the spot. 

English -Russian (Ukrainian) translation provided 


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