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12 October 2015, Cannes, France

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2015 marks the Europe Business Assembly’s first European Awards Night, Cannes, France. The event was held at the Carlton Intercontinental Hotel. The day opened with Heinz Wehrle; Lead Expert of the PBD programme and managing partner of HTL, Switzerland; and EBA Director General, Prof. John Netting welcoming attendees to the conference.

The morning then moved on to presentations from cities participating in 'The Prime Business Destinations' programme, moderated by HienzWehrle.Participating cities were awarded with the international flag of investment attractiveness, level E - Emerging. Participating Mayors included; Shmuel Gants, General Manager of Haifa Municipality, Israel, IlijaStojanovic, Head of Office for European Integration of Brcko District, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ludlow Mathison, Mayor of Morant Bay/St. Thomas Parish Council, Jamaica.

The session then moved on to presentations from representative from the Best Regional Companies. The session included presentations from Gabor Antal, Commerсial Manager of Rozsdas Ltd, Hungary, RuiAmorim, CEO of Ecopaint Angola, LDA, Angola, Ashok Kaul,CEO-Retail of Bombay Dyeing and Manufacturing Ltd, India, S. D. Siripala, Managing Director of Southern Agrocraft (pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka, Dr. John Munyu, CEO of Kenya Medical Supplies Authority, Kenya, RohitSharma,Manager-Investor Relations & PR of Uflex Limited, India, Almas Kenessary, Expert of Kenesary Company LLP, Republic of Kazakhstan, Hefjul Bari Mohammad Iqbal, Chairman of the Board of Directors of The Premier Bank Limited, Bangladesh, Moses AdukoAsaga, Chief Executive, National Petroleum Authority, Ghana, Vandana Gandhi, CEO of British Orchard Nursery, UAE.

The Afternoon session was moderated by Dr Vincenzo Costigliola, President of European Medical Association, Belgium and featured presentations from ‘Prime Health Cities’. ‘Prime Health Cities’ are territories with high investment potential in medical travel and the healthcare industries. Presentations included, George Cheriyan, CEO of American Mission Hospital, Bahrain, Habib Faouzi, Director of Centre D’Oncologie Al Azhar, Morocco, Gazi Rahman, Chairman and Managing Director of Gazi Medical College & Hospital Ltd, Bangladesh, DimitrijePanfilov, Director of Clinic Olymp, Serbia, Dr.SuadLutfi, Owner of Dr.SuadLutfi Dermatology & Laser Clinic, UAE, RomualdCichon, President of Heart CenterMedinet, Poland, Hiralal Gupta, Director of SANYA GIC IMAGING PVT.LTD, India, EvdokiaLuchezarnova, Founder of Ozarign Ltd, Russia, Dr. Mariam Buti Al Mazrouei, Acting Chief Executive Officer, Ambulatory Healthcare Services, UAEand Nikolaos Metaxotos, Founder of Symmetria, Greece. Next, Dr Costiglioloa gave a presentation concerning the creation of the joint partnership award between EBA and European Medical Association; Rose of Pareselses.This award will be given to doctors and medical centres for their outstanding achievement in medical practice.
The afternoon closed with welcoming new members of the Academic Union, Oxford.
The evening featured the European Awards Night. The night awards the best companies and personalities for their outstanding achievements in international relations, economy, politics, science and humanities. Regional leaders and prominent institutions were invited to the event. The Awards featured were, The European Quality Award, awarded to companies who have continually strived to achieve high quality in accordance to European Standard. These companies have shown high performance in production of goods, customer service and employee satisfaction, over a long period of time and continue to improve the standards of these services through the implementation of strong management plans and long term goals. The Best Enterprise Award and the Manager of the Year Medal. This award is given to businesses who have achieved great success in the growth of their company alongside the implementation of best practice in the fields of environment, employment and management. Companies receiving the award have maintained high professional achievements and managerial standards in commercial activities for a prolonged period of time. The United Europe Award, given to companies who strive towards the continuous expansion and development of their company and partake in innovative practices internationally. And, finally, many companies were awarded for Best Clinic, Best hospital, and Best Medical Centre, for the continuous strive towards giving the best care in their sphere.