Past Events

Achievements Forum. 21 April 2015. London, UK

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A big congratulations to all city participants in our London Achievements Forum. Cities from across Europe were received into the Prime Business Destinations program and awarded the flag and certificate of investment attractivness. Cities chosen were evaluated by the EBA Prime Business Destinations council of experts and assessed on a number of criteria including geographical location, current financial strategy and long term development strategies.
Presentations were made by the cities in which history and culture, as well as key areas of investment were highlighted. The Flag and certificate of investment attractiveness were presented by Heinze Wherle President of the Prime Business Destinations program and Professor John Netting Director General of Europe Business Assembly.
After the presentations memorandums were signed which symbolised continued cooperation and promotion of city and regions investment potential. There was also a special presentation by his excellence Dr Ivan Grdesic Croatian ambassador to the UK and Ms Davorka Zanic-Drazic Economic Officer at the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia. This special presentation highlighted the beautiful country of Croatia as a place for investment highlighting the country's history and key investment projects. The Europe Business Assembly would like to thank all our city participants for making the event a success and look forward to continued cooperation in future events and helping to attract investment.



london-2015-QSDuring the event business with a reputation for excellence were also inducted into the Prime Business Destinations programme. These business were awarded the Prime Market Quality standard. Business within the EBA's community are in a great position to work with participating cities and become partners introducing services and technologies into these emerging markets. The companies awarded the quality standard were SuluNur and also Qizilqumsement. Both companies were awarded the seal of quality standard and made presentations about their company and how they can benefit emerging markets.