Prime Quality Standard

‘Prime Quality Standard‘ Mark and License

City Market logo-250Your company /project/ products/ technology/ services are ranked and evaluated by EBA expert council. As the result of ranking, EBA presents the quality mark ‘Prime Quality Standard’.

Quality mark and license ‘Prime Quality Standard’ confirms professional reputation of companies, establishments, scientific and educational centers; directs investors and business partners. 


• Awarding a quality mark and a license ‘Prime Quality Standard’;
• Usage the award attributes and brand, symbolic of 'Prime Quality Standard’ license in commercial and advertising activities;
• Receiving of recommended letters about company’s activities from ЕВА;
• Placement of the information about the ‘Prime Quality Standard’ licensed products, technologies, projects and services on the official sites of the project within the period of license validity;
• Placement of the information about the licensed products, technologies, projects and services in the ‘Best Products of the Year' annual catalogue. Target delivery to project participants (municipal authorities, special economic zones, governmental authorities, companies) and is placed on The Prime Business Destinations Project official site;
• The information about your company will be advertised in the catalogues of participants in the special sections of PBD as the recommended companies with the best products, technologies and services;
• Participation in the authoritative investment forums;
• Presentation of the company in the framework of the events;
• Announcement of your company presentation with your logo placement at the page of the Project events chosen by you;
• Promotion of your company, expected meetings with your company among EBA members, on the sites of our partners, in the social networking sites and mass media;
• Guarantee support of your company in communications with municipal authorities and CEOs of SEZ;
• Information in the official participants catalogues (up to 750 characters);
• Hosted Buyers – special VIP meetings programme, directed to investment and commercial agreements;
• B2B platform for meetings with potential partners;
• Consultations with project experts;
• Company brief profile in ‘The Socrates Almanac‘ (ISSN 2053-4736, Oxford, UK). It is an annual edition about regional business leaders, progressive management tools and promising technologies. Circulation by subscription, Target delivery to ministries, trade missions, municipalities and investment companies as well as presentation to all participants of business and scientific forums held by ЕВА;
• Subscription to ЕВА official newsletter ‘The Leaders Times e-Magazine‘, inclusion of a company profile to Special editions of ‘Leaders Times e-Magazine’ covering Prime Business Destinations programme and its participants (50 000 subscribers, data placement on the ЕВА official web-sites).
• You gain an opportunity (recommendation) to become a member of the International Club of Leaders (ICL) with receipt of ICL membership certificate, which confirms leadership potential, club passport and member coat sign. ICL members are automatically accepted to the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce. They have priority right to use all services the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce.



The Prime City Market is a marketing platform that promotes the best products, technologies and services in the field of urban planning and urban life support.

This project involves companies and manufacturers with works and services of high quality that are selected by the EBA expert council as well as recommended participant cities in The Prime Business Destination programme.
Your company has a unique opportunity to showcase your high level of quality products works and services. Introducing products to expanding markets and entering the cohort of the world's leading companies in the field of urban planning.