The specialised workshop session of ‘Prime Business Destinations’

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Event format: specialised expert focus session
Event Subject: ‘Hospitality - How to get enlisted in the TOP regional hotels?’
Date: April 26, 2016
Venue: the Academic Lounge, Oxford, UK
Initiative of EBA and partners: ‘Prime Business Destinations’ priority investment programme, the ‘Academic Union Training Centre’, UK together with Horwath HTL, Switzerland
Moderator and Speaker: Dr. Heinz Wehrle, (Managing Partner of Horwath HTL, Switzerland, &‘Prime Business Destinations’ programme panelist).
Target audience: hospitality sector professionals: General and Operational Managers; Owners and Founders in Hospitality and Real estate development; hospitality start-ups;
Accreditation required. Early bird registration is available before March 15, 2016.
Language of the event: English

The specialised workshop session of ‘Prime Business Destinations’ is tailored for special needs of hospitality sector and aims at not only enhancing hotel performance but reaching the most ambitious goals in investment and financing of your hospitality projects. Every workshop participant will receive cutting edge workable tools to make the investment & feasibility business planning to boost up commercial results and update project management methods to the current hospitality sector trends.
Europe Business Assembly, Oxford, UK, the European investment programme ‘Prime Business Destination’, and the ‘Academic Union Training Centre’ in partnership with global corporation Horwath HTL, Switzerland have jointly developed the specialised professional programme: ‘Hospitality - How to get enlisted in the TOP regional hotels?’ The workshop session will be held on April 26, 2016 in the Academic Lounge, Oxford, United Kingdom.
Our guest star, the globally renowned speaker and bespoke hospitality sector expert Dr. Heinz Wehrle (Managing Partner of U, &‘Prime Business Destinations’ programme panelist).
This proprietary programme will cover the following issues: development and enhancement of investment and innovative attractiveness of the hospitality project, financing and feasibility assessment tools, and hospitality project brand marketing & promotion techniques, European certification & procedures, European practical industry experience and professional secrets disclosure and success stories sharing.
The agenda includes the full day workshop session with investment presentation panel and interaction learning professional platform dedicated to: ‘Effective Investment and Financial Solutions in Hospitality’. Participants will receive official certificates and European recognition with ‘Prime Business Destinations’ attributes: international flag of investment and innovative attractiveness ‘Flag of Europe’ and respecting Certificate; the quality mark ‘Prime Quality Standard’ and license to use it in commercial and marketing activities (subject to evaluation of company);
Participation Benefits
- Interactive professional platform to boost business results and B2B connections creating;
- Workshop session on practical hospitality issues;
- Investment attractiveness brand strategy for hospitality project management;
- Effective financial solutions and feasibility tools;
- How to implement USALI effectively;
- Acknowledgement with ‘Prime Business Destinations’ attributes (subject to evaluation of company);
- Official Certificate of workshop completion;
- Ready to learn how to improve investment attractiveness of the hospitality project & develop efficient administration, reduce costs and stay afloat in unstable economic situation?
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