Flag of Europe

Flag of Investment Attractiveness. Flag of Europe for Cities and Territories

E-flagEBA provides a comprehensive assessment of cities and regional standings in accordance with their integration activities and investment potential. This evaluation comes from global professional and scientific experts of the world leading establishments.

EBA works with top caliber leaders and experts in various fields who are engaged to provide an integral assessment of the city’s or regions economic status, as well as evaluate the level of economic activities and investment potential.

Award criteria and rating

  • Economic and geographical position, natural-resources potential
  • Economic potential
  • Energy, transport, industrial and social infrastructures
  • Human resources in the region, the level of education and health care
  • Innovative, technical and scientific potential
  • Political will and commitment of local authorities to sustain and promote its potential
  • Political stability
  • Implementation of a medium and long-term city’s / region’s  development programmes
  • Protection mechanism for the investment
  • Availability of investment preferences, free economic zones and territories of the priority development in the region
  • The accessibility of information for the successful participation in the investment projects and tenders

Qualification levels

In accordance with the evaluation results, the city/region are assigned one of the qualification levels.

Level  “P”


Maximum Potential – Low Risk

Level  “U”


High Potential – Moderate Risk

Level  “E”


Significant Opportunities – Moderate Risk

Prime Business Destination Award

In accordance with the evaluation results the city/region are assigned one of the qualification levels and are awarded the certificate of investment attractiveness, the international flag of investment attractiveness, the Flag of Europe.

The International flag of  investment  attractiveness “The Flag of Europe”

 P-flag   U-flag   E-flag

The  International certificate of  investment  attractiveness

 Certificate for city


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