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Mr Charles Lim, Director 

707 East Coast Road Singapore S459063 Singapore
Phone: +65 644 534 12
Email: www.academyofrock.com.sg
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Academy of Rock (AOR) is the only music school dedicated to teaching pop and rock music. With its premises built on music education through an exciting learning methodology, AOR is a school for music lovers both young and old. 

Inaugurated in 2007, AOR currently has 3 outlets in Singapore and outlets across Asia in Malaysia, Philippines and Myanmar.
At AOR, music enthusiasts will benefit from an excellent standard of pop and rock education. Students are offered to learn essential pop and rock instruments such as the bass, drum and guitar. They can even develop their vocals to belt out the latest pop and rock hits! Our objective at AOR is to provide students with the skills and education needed to inspire creativity and nurture their potential both in and beyond their instrumental lessons.
Since its inauguration in 2007, AOR’s drive for excellence has attained recognition from industry professionals. AOR feels that being recognized, appreciated and valued has driven them to push for higher success and given them the confidence to take their endeavours to greater heights.
Here is a list of awards and accolades; AOR has received over the years.
2015: Golden Globe Annual Awards 2015 (Philippines)
The Golden Globe Annual Awards for Business Excellence is conferred to companies that have achieved business excellence. The Award’s Council believes that companies striving for top-notch quality of business performance are those that exemplify business excellence and reap success.
Through its continued pursuit of success, AOR won the business excellence award for the Best Music School 2015. It was the only music school to have won such a prestigious award.
2015: 15th International Star for Quality Awards 2014
The International Star for Quality Award is designed to recognize the prestige of outstanding companies, organizations and businessmen in the business world. AOR’s co-founder Charles Lim represented Academy of Rock in Geneva to be the proud recipient of the International Star for Quality (Gold) Award. The recipients of this award represent a force in the business world, creating opportunities and reaching agreements with professionals from different countries and even different continents
2013: SME One Asia Awards 2013
THE SME One Asia Awards 2013 is created to recognize successful Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Asia that are socially responsible. AOR won the SME One Asia Award in 2013 and was also listed as one of top 5 winners in the Emerging category. This award affirms AOR’s commitment to being a socially responsible business entity.
2012: Singapore Prestige Brand Awards 2012
Singapore Prestige Brand Awards (SPBA) seeks to recognise and honour Singapore brands that have been developed and managed effectively through various branding initiatives. The Award also serves as a yardstick for SMEs to benchmark their brand equity against their competitors.
AOR received the Overall Winner award in the Singapore Promising Brands Category of the SPBA 2012. The school was commended for its well defined marketing and overall product strategies. Its evocative brand communications were noticed to have resonated with rock and pop lovers.
In addition, AOR also achieved success in the Promising Brands Category for the SPBA 2012.
AOR is honoured to have received such accolades from the business community nationally and internationally.