tab2Baroness Susan Greenfield CBE
The event was truly international and covering a wide range of interest and sectors. It is important to challenge conventional wisdom on education at all levels in the 21st century and most importantly to envisage new solutions.
The Oxford Summit leaders give the opportunity to do just that.



Takakneary Seng, Founder/Managing Director

'Thank you for inviting us this year [to the International Summit of Leaders, Oxford, UK on 15 December 2015]. 

We hope to continue business relationship with your organization.'


vodnyeLLP, Water Resource Marketing, Republic of Kazakhstan
Anarbek Orman, General Director

LLP Water Resource Marketing on behalf of Mr. Anarbek Orman. General Director expresses the gratitude for the honour to be awarded with the prestige Europe Business Assembly acknowledgement attributes as the international flag of investment and innovative attractiveness ‘Flag of Europe’ and the quality mark ‘Prime Quality Standard’ and license.


erebouniErebouni Medical Center CJSC, Republic of Armenia
Prof Harutyun Kushkyan, General Director
Ms. Narine Mamikonyan, Director Erebouni Medical Center CJSC

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for our collaboration and organization of nomination for Erebouni Medical Center CJSC. We were very proud for our participation in "Prime Business Destinations" Program and your high evaluation.


acad rockAcademy of Rock Pte Ltd, Singapore
Noam Lederman, Principal
Thanks for the lovely event and hospitality last Tuesday [15 December 2015]… we are happy to be affiliated with you.