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Heinz Wehrle

expert-heinz-wehrle-150Horwath HTL, Switzerland, Managing Partner

Heinz was nominated Global Horwath HTL Asset Management Practice Leader. He heads up the Horwath HTL office in Switzerland and is largely responsible for transactional advice, tourism project development, corporate finance, performance monitoring and operational reviews.

With over 35 years’ international experience within the hospitality industry, Heinz has worked extensively across Europe, Africa and the USA in a wide range of hotel, tourism and aviation fields. Prior to Horwath HTL, Heinz was Project Manager/Director of Operations at Helog Aviation AG He was responsible for the operation of Puma Helicopters and 8 bases in Sudan, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Ivory Coast. This role involved the pre-opening and opening of the headquarters and bases, and he acted as Liaison Officer to organisations such as the UN and major oil companies.

Before Helog Aviation AG, Heinz was Managing Director at Leisure Touristik GmbH where he was responsible for the operational management of river ship cruises where key projects included bare and full charter sales and marketing in addition to cruise programme planning and calculation.

Throughout Heinz’s extensive career, he has been appointed to provide short-term asset management advice to hotel owners seeking to improve their operations and profitability. As a consequence he has implemented bespoke business plans, provided investment and renovation programmes, marketing and sales and organisation strategies. He has acted as Managing Director for a number of international hotels and resorts, including Carpe Diem Vacation Resort, Cadaques in Spain, Spa Resort Samoa, Warnemünde and Golfpark Gut Düneburg GmbH, Ferienpark Gut Düneburg GmbH, Haren in Germany, Dorfhotel Gerlitzen Alpe, Bodensdorf in Austria and Magic Hotel Management Inc., Ft. Lauderdale in the USA. Austria and Magic Hotel Management Inc., Ft. Lauderdale in the USA.

Prior to this, Heinz spent eight years managing Hotel Guarda Val AG, a leading winter & summer sport resort in Lenzerheide, Switzerland. During his time there, Heinz implemented business plans and led the construction and renovation process.

Heinz has worked across the majority of hotel operating departments, acting as the Human Resources Manager at the 5-star Palace Hotel in Lucerne Switzerland where he was responsible for the reorganisation of the Human Resources department; the F&B and Human Resources Manager at the Verenahof Hotels AG in Baden in Switzerland which involved the implementation of an F&B programme in addition to the training and education of employees for the hotel’s three restaurants and bar; and the Front Office Manager at the Schiller Hotel AG in Lucerne in Switzerland where he signed tour operator contracts and room sales

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