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Paulo Moreira


International Journal of Healthcare Management

Paulo Moreira has over 18 years experience in international health marketing and communication in a balance between executive and academic posts.

Paulo Moreira has been marketing manager and health systems analyst for british multinationals in the field of eHealth and healthcare delivery as well as hospital manager and has been involved in several work and consultancy projects on international health with a diversity of organizations including eCDC, the public health agency based in Stockholm (Sweden), and the World Health Organisation.

Paulo Moreira is currently editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Healthcare Management published by the London based Maney Publishing, UK.

Dr. Moreira holds a PhD from the University of Machester, UK in the field of healthcare management and collaborates with several universities in Europe on health marketing and management related advanced courses.

He has published extensively on many intenrational healthcare management including amongst his current topics of interest European health systems trends and medical tourism.

Paulo Moreira is a member of the MTA research center.

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