Our Experts

Zifa Sadriyeva

Director  of the Zeta economics

Zifa’s team has worked on many socio-economic impact assessment studies, economic appraisals, business cases, and socio-economic analysis for masterplans, including for high profile infrastructure projects: Bristol Airport expansion, Bristol Port impact, Killingholme Marine Terminal development, Triton Knoll offshore wind farm development, masterplan for Port of Falmouth, and the National Grid overhead transmission line projects among others. Besides these major infrastructure projects we have also worked on town and area masterplans, for example for St Austell and St Blazey Eco-communities (eco-town) in Cornwall, Bridgwater, Taunton, and various development sites in the South of England.

Socrates Almanac

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The Socrates Almanac is a fundamental presentation edition. As a Unique Research Digest The Socrates Almanac presents a wide range of encyclopedic information about the latest trends in the economy, medicine, arts, science and education.

The Leaders Times

The Leaders Times e-magazine is published weekly and covers current events in the life of the Europe Business Assembly. It also publishes materials about our partners and the participants of our programmes.

Investment Atlas

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The cutting edge and workable tool to open up your investment potential to the world.